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Dear Supporter,

This time next week, Britain will be deciding whether its future lies inside or outside the European Union.

Whatever the outcome, I want to thank all Conservative Voice supporters who have picked up the phone, delivered leaflets, manned street stalls and knocked on doors to persuade people that we should make our own laws, control our own borders and decide how to spend our own money.

Next Thursday, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to free ourselves from a failing, federalist organisation and to take back control of our own destiny.  The result is still too close to call.  The ‘Remain’ campaign expected to have a double-digit poll lead by now, and their increasingly wild threats serve only to undermine their case still further.

In this last week before the referendum, we urge you to keep fighting for every last vote and to keep persuading undecided friends and family members of the virtue of our vision for Britain. There will be more forecasts of doom from Remainers, but if we keep working hard to make a calm, pragmatic and positive case for Brexit, we will be celebrating on the 24th June.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events.

With many thanks,

Don Porter

10 Reasons why Britain Should Leave the EU from 10 Prominent Conservative MP's

James WReason 4 - "I have decided that I will be voting to leave and will make the case for a leave vote.  I believe we should regain more control over our laws and borders and should look to the rest of the world to expand our trade.  I want to trade with Europe too, but do not believe we need EU membership to do that.  The EU sells more to us than we sell to them. Germany will still want to sell cars to British drivers just as France will want to sell wine to British drinkers..."

James Wharton MP, Parliamentary Under-secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

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